The High Life


I have been high a lot lately. Pretty much every day for the past few months I have been high as a damn kite.

This high is a product of my attitude, listening to intuition and practicing a mastery of myself. Not from smoking weed.

Though, I have absolutely NOTHING against smoking weed. In fact, I am a fierce advocate of cannabis use whether it's for medical reasons or to simply have a silly time alone or with some friends. I would go as far to say that I am passionately obsessed with cannabis to the degree that I have become a Certified Cannabis Product and Sales Trainer, Alberta Responsible Vendor Trainer and a Level 1 Interpener with the Trichome Institute.

This post isn't about that though. However, it does lead me to how I have elevated in my pursual of passions due to my ability to listen and follow the guidance of my intuition - which has come from doing deep work on myself - making mistakes (really uncomfortable ones), learning, growing, reflecting and taking action.

I am at a place in my life where I have gained various amazing tools that I've adopted as healthy habits, replacing sabotaging and limiting habits.

This has allowed me to regain the power I hold (we all hold) over my attitude and how any given circumstance or event can affect me. 

We are the source and cause of our experiences and results.

I used to allow events to frustrate, irritate and anger me, really allowing my whole world to be affected. I would allow myself to fall deep into comparison which would spiral me down into feelings of unworthiness, inadequacy, shame, stagnancy, less-than, so on and so forth.

This inevitably would trigger me into a depression and a vicious cycle would continue where I would choose to numb primarily with alcohol.

With the help of a support system (family, new friends) and a desperate wanting and knowing for something BETTER - over time I started to implement positive habits such as physical movement, foods that elevated my body, and immersing in hobbies or activities that light me up and that I'm good at such as writing, creating food and exploring new physical outlets.

Fast forward and these tools are now a part of my daily routine as well as a remedy for getting out of the funk and sabotaging habits. I now have a mandatory checklist I crafted for myself that without fail, saves me from anxiety and a deeper depression - everytime.

I've implemented so much of this over time that it now comes natural, and you know what? The habits that did not serve me - turning to drinking until I was blacked out - just do not show up anymore! And holy fuck, I truly have surprised myself, and I am so so grateful.

I can confidently say, that I feel high on life every day excited to take my goals and passions to the next level with confidence and eagerness to push my limits. I am so in tune with my body and my health is the best it has ever been. I feel strong, confident, sexy AF and so so worthy.

I have this ability to listen to my body's needs so intuitively that I know EXACTLY what it needs or doesn't need (power of saying NO yo) and I am able to nurture and gift just that.

Anything from a precise want for almonds and carrots, quinoa with kimchi, a mellow yoga flow, a raging dance party or some sexy alone time (masturbation is healthy and we all need it) - I hear the message loud and clear and I HONOR that. 

And so, by listening to my body, my soul and my spirit I am so damn intuned - my health is next level. Mentally and physically.

This allows me to really be aware of my attitude toward all events and how I choose to react to them. We all have that power of choice. Though, it isn't always easy to choose in a way that will serve us at our highest. We are human, I am human. And I definitely overreact or choose to allow an event to affect me in a way that takes my power, drains my energy and makes me feel like shit.

Either way, it is my choice. And even then, we can choose to learn from it. When I choose to be affected and thus feel like shit, I ask myself -

What am I feeling? Why did I choose this? Where else does this show up in my life?

And I dissect. I observe what intuitively comes up for me. And it is usually a result of a belief system and I have been triggered. How to solve this? Be willing to do the hard work. And seek support, join a group that is accountable and take action.

SO I realize this post is somewhat like a rant. My intention is to convey the possibility to transform sabotaging habits and behaviours into ones that serve and will up-level all areas of health in life.  

With all of this clarity I have been receiving, I have finally been able to put the tools, resources and work I have compiled over the years that I have used, that I do use, and that I implement every day -  into a process that I can teach and guide others to flow through. Making it easier and achievable to up level life by reframing sabotaging habits, releasing mental blocks and gaining control of anxiety.


I love how I feel. I love how I am able to approach life and I love more than anything, to help others get to their high life. I feel that sharing our stories, connecting and supporting one another and holding each other accountable throughout our struggles AND our wins - this process becomes faster, more efficient and the tools last a LIFETIME.

The process is to AIM HIGH - focusing and working on:




I have been doing this work for a couple of years now. And I didn't have a way to express or explain what exactly my personal process was. As mentioned, I have been in such a flow state that clarity showed up and this is what birthed.

I am starting a tribe called The Healthy Homies or The Healthy Homie Tribe of like minded women that are in a place in their lives to finally break through their mental blocks and adopt tools to control anxiety, become sexy best friends with their bodies and be in the best freaking shape an health they have ever been.

It is all encompassing. Once we have control over our attitude, we choose our results that serve us better.

Once we are in a place of choosing for our highest self, we are able to listen and flow with intuition really honoring our body and our mind.

The more we practice and implement, we become masters of our selves. Our bodies ailments diminish and we are in a state of less distraction so we can focus our energy toward our passions, creations and our purpose in life.

If you have made it to the end of this rant, THANK YOU!

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I am on this earth to be of service to those who are struggling with anxiety, shame, mental blocks and KNOW there is more for them. I went through what I have in life to learn what I know now to bring this information and support the transformation.

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Healthy Homies unite!