Kendra Adachi is a mentor, writer, plant-based chef, cannabis advocate & consultant and is passionate about raising awareness for mental health. Adachi's work is to empower people to exist vibrantly alive, lead a life of passion, purpose, playfulness and love, and to be genuinely happy.

She does this by creating enriching food, connecting with our deepest sensuality and shamelessly speaking truth. While navigating through the lessons of life with the use of her tools from experiences, Kendra works with clients to integrate and implement this nourishment into all contexts of their wellbeing through her 1-on-1 mentoring and writing.

Kendra can currently be found freelance writing for various publications, crafting recipes for restaurants around the globe, advocating cannabis for various health remedies and as part of a healthy lifestyle, as well as collaborating for upcoming retreats with like-minded creatives.