Bare. Naked. Soul.

Aug 19 2016 – Day after full moon … Burning desire. So strong.

Bare. Naked. Soul.

I want to tell my story to help others tell and express theirs.

I don't want to stay put. Stay small. Stay unheard, unfounded, unknown.

Because I know I have a message and experiences that will truly help others cope and understand better what the HECK these life lessons are  for.

I want to hug strangers that are new friends, I want to cry out loud as I bare my wounds to those to show how hard yet easy it is to do so.

Because as these wounds bare, they breathe, and they are allowed to be noticed. Not covered up to sour, spread. Deepen. Rot from the inside out.

I want to travel to all corners and every where in-between to gain more perspective, learn and write more. Bring more fuel to light my fire and stoke out the old patterns so that I can come face to face with them and then let them go.

I want to live truthfully and honest. With myself and then with others. Because if we aren’t true to ourselves we are lying to others.

I don't want to lie anymore, I want to run naked and free. Brutally honest. When there is nothing to hide but all to bare. 

Life can be easily, blissfully penetrated. Igniting our fires to live in pure ecstasy.  

Shameless, vulnerable enjoying the almighty orgasm that is life.

I want that.

I need that.

Living in such a state exudes into the souls of others and releases them, empowers them to do the same. 

Then we can all encourage each other. REMIND each other. 

WHY bare our soul?

Because it feels right. It is right. 

It is our right.